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Racing Value ​Bets 

Making Profit from Value Horse Racing Bets

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Small stakes and

BIG Returns

for Racing Value Bets

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Hi, I am Lee Braddick. I am a keen horse racing ​enthusiast and I have been studying form, betting ​and following racing for over 20 years.

I select value bets using my form and race ​reading. skills that see me make a long term profit ​from the sport of kings.

Racing Value Bets book and membership were ​written and created to help you to become a ​profitable racing betting investor.

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Racing Value Bets is my first publication

on how to pick underrated and overpriced

race horses to bet on to make you a

long term profit from the sport of kings.

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Horse Racing silhouette, Horse Racing


Racing Value ​Bets 

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Daily Racing Value Bet Selections

Rolling Challenge Win Big From Small Stakes

Big Meeting Selections & Pointers

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Q: Do you profit every month?

A: Most months yes and for a limited time your ​first month is free.

Q: once i have joined rvb am i tied in?

A: not at all you can cancel anytime, but why ​miss out on profits?

Q: What kind of odds are advised?

A: i generally select horses in the range of 3/1 ​and up to 25/1 but may differ slighty on some ​meetings

Q: what exactly do i get with an rvb ​membership?

a: well researched value bets each day, a ​challenge bet where we take a small stake and ​grow it 10x or more by compouding, exclusive ​content like formulas for scoop 6, big race ​meeting selections and pointers and more

Q: do you offer support?

a: i will support all members as much as ​possible and i aim to respond to queries as ​quickly as possible

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